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Beautiful Guarantee

While visiting Alpine Carpet One you will soon discover that we carry exclusive premium flooring options that will not be found anywhere else.  Those same products that will excite and impress you are frequently backed with some of the best warranties you will find. Despite some of these great benefits, we understand that your next floor purchase is a difficult one. You want to make sure this decision is the correct one because you will not be given a second chance. With our Beautiful Guarantee, some of those major fears can go away.

The Beautiful Guarantee allows a homeowner to change their mind on a flooring purchase. That is correct! After the installation is complete, if there is something about your new floor that you do not like, you can have it replaced for free.

The new floor you select must be from the same category of flooring (e.g. carpet or hardwood). The floors that are eligible for this exclusive warranty are from the Titanium, Platinum, or Gold SelectAFloor warranties.  

Choosing the perfect floor for your lifestyle is not an easy task, and we understand that. We want you to have the confidence that the floor you do choose is the correct one for you. If for whatever reason it is not, we have a solution in place.

For complete details on how the Beautiful Guarantee can work with your next flooring decision, visit Alpine Carpet One in South Lake Tahoe, CA today! Our dedicated and professional staff is excited to work with you!

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