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Information on a flooring option with a ton of design possibilities.

Ceramic Tile 101

Functionality Of Tile In Your Home
When designing an interior space, the flooring options available are varied.  Multiple things must be considered when selecting the flooring that will best service the space and guarantee durability, cleanliness, and visual appeal.  Ceramic tiles in the past were constructed with a limited variety of appearances, detracting from their otherwise attractive aspects.  Things are changing and now ceramic tile flooring can be found in an endless array of colors, textures and applications.

Easy to Clean & Maintain
The solid non-porous surface of ceramic makes it appealing for installation into basements, bathrooms, kitchens, and outdoor entertaining areas.  Dirt, mold and germs are easily eradicated with a simply mop and disinfectant.  Their color is locked into the tile and will remain vibrant for years without extra sealants or wax.  Reliable and durable, tile remains one of the most popular options for flooring.

Repair the Break, Don't Replace the Floor
When installed on a professionally prepared base, ceramic tile flooring can last for decades before requiring complete replacement.  As long as moisture does not get into the mortar bed, the tiles will resist cracks and breakage even in high traffic areas.  However, one broken tile will not result in having to replace the entire floor.  The single tile can be removed and replaced, leaving the entire area appearing good as new.  Vinyl floor coverings, while they are similar in appearance to the tile, never survive a repair without losing that smooth surface enjoyed during original installation.

New Colors and Textures Keep Tile a Fresh Option
With the popularity of hardwood flooring sweeping across the nation, it is very tempting to replace existing tile with an expensive but flawed product.  If the building does not maintain its HVAC system, moisture and mildew can damage wood surfaces leading to deterioration long before its intended lifespan.  Fortunately, new technologies have introduced colors and textures to the tile industry not previously found. Install a ceramic tile floor with the appearance of hardwoods, wide plank or even bamboo without losing the benefits of a ceramic installation.

When seeking new and exciting flooring, don't dismiss our ceramic tile section. Surprising and stunning varieties can be found which will fit perfectly into the new interior design for your build.

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