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Our Soft Surface Flooring Selection

Soft surface flooring options are a safe alternative for homes because they offer great comfort and every family member will love it. You simply cannot replicate the softness and comfort underfoot that you'll feel with carpet or with an area rug. Also, soft surface floors such as carpets are extremely versatile in terms of design.  There are so many colors, patterns, and constructions from which to choose, so the design options are truly endless. And, if spills and stains are a concern, then you can certainly choose a durable carpet or rug that will handle anything life throws its way!

We at Alpine Carpet One in South Lake Tahoe carry soft surface options such as carpet.  Check out some helpful links!

Carpet: Carpet Types, Carpet Cleaning Tips

Tigressa carpet


Looking for the perfect carpet flooring for your room? Carpet nowadays comes in all different colors, textures, and types. With our rich colors, patterns, and designs, you are sure to find something that will fit your home or commercial space.

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area rugs

Area Rugs

In addition to carpets, we also carry many styles of area rugs to choose from to freshen the look of any room. Additionally, Alpine Carpet One also offers the capability of customizing your own area rugs!

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