Tigressa Carpet

A luxurious carpet option to consider for your lifestyle.

Prevent Damage From Liquids With Tigressa H2O

Selecting a new carpet can be a tough decision to make. After all, this isn’t like impulsively buying a magazine you saw while checking out at the grocery store; A floor is a long-term decision and you want a floor that will stand up to your lifestyle. Maybe your last carpet received a lot of wear from your active family and didn’t look so good at the end of its life. Well we have the solution for you, and it’s Tigressa H2O. 

Tigressa H2O is a carpet that features an industrial-grade backing that doesn’t allow any liquids to soak to the carpet pad and subfloor. This makes the carpet super easy to clean since all liquids stay on the surface, which is perfect for any spills and accidents that can be caused by children and pets. This technology also means that odors will dissipate from the floor much faster than other carpets. Furthermore, the fibers use Advanced Repel Technology that resists and releases stains without the use of harmful chemicals! Plus, Tigressa H2O is 100% recyclable, reducing your impact on the environment! 

Tigressa H2O’s nylon fibers are very dense, making them incredibly durable. The fibers of this carpet are less likely to fuzz or pull out from the backing, and the backing is less likely to suffer from delamination. The durability of Tigressa H2O makes it resistant to damage from pet claws and children with lots of energy! If you are looking for a strong, soft, and environmentally friendly carpet that will stand up to the activity in your home then look no further, because Tigressa H2O is the carpet for you. Our staff at Alpine Carpet One is ready to help you make the right flooring choice, so please give us a call at 530-314-7852 or come visit our showroom at 2212 Lake Tahoe Blvd in South Lake Tahoe, CA.