Vinyl Floor Care

vinyl floor maintenance
Vinyl floors are one of the latest flooring trends in the industry. Some homeowners hesitate to purchase vinyl because they assume the material is difficult to clean. The reality is that nothing is farther from the truth. Vinyl is very easy to maintain and by following these simple tips you will have your investment looking shiny and new for many years.

Protecting your Floors is the Key

One of the most common causes of damage to vinyl comes from chemical elements such as salt and asphalt.  One trick to fight these elements and mitigate the damage they cause is placing doormats outside every entrance. Also, one unexpected source of vinyl flooring damage is sunlight. Sunlight can cause two essential problems to your flooring: it may make the vinyl appear faded and bleached out, and the heat from the sun can break down the adhesive that keeps the flooring stable and tight. A simple way to reduce the threat of sunlight is to close the blinds or curtains in the room. Before making your purchase, make sure you consult with a flooring expert the amount of sunlight you receive in the area you want to use vinyl.

Tips to Clean Vinyl Flooring

While protecting your floors is the most important part of vinyl floor maintenance, making sure they are receiving the proper cleaning routine is also essential. You can follow these tips to make sure you are doing it correctly: 

  • Sweep at least once per week to clear the vinyl of any dirt that has accumulated on top of it.
  • Clean spills immediately by using a white cloth and turning it often as you clean. This prevents stains from spreading and also prevents you from accidentally dying the floor by using a colored cloth.
  • Avoid detergents when mopping vinyl flooring and follow any specific manufacturer recommendations to avoid damaging the flooring. 

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