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light wood look vinyl flooring in entryway

Luxury Vinyl Flooring in South Lake Tahoe, CA

Are you thinking of adding luxury vinyl flooring to your home in South Lake Tahoe, CA? You’re not alone! At your local Alpine Carpet One Floor & Home, we can help you find your ideal floor in vinyl form. Vinyl flooring is an extremely durable flooring that offers high-end designs, ongoing resilience, and daily convenience. Choose from thousands of nature-inspired options: there are products to satisfy even the most discerning homeowner.


Built to withstand all sorts of daily obstacles, this enduring floor is an all-around favorite for home and business use. Here are some guidelines to consider if you’re thinking of adding this versatile flooring to your home.


Types of Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring is available in planks, tiles, and sheets. Vinyl plank and tile offer up similar construction and abilities: the difference is primarily aesthetic. For the most realistic hardwood designs, consider vinyl plank. If it's authentic tile or stone designs you love, vinyl tile is your best bet. Here’s a closer look at the different styles of vinyl flooring and their benefits.


Wood-Look Vinyl

We think you’ll agree there’s a whole lot to love about wood-look vinyl plank.


  • Sturdy, moisture-resistant, and always eclectic, wood-look vinyl plank is offered in styles that capture the distinct beauty of different hardwood species.
  • Wood-look vinyl is also very affordable by comparison and is easy and simple to install.
  • Specific varieties can simply be clicked into place, and you won’t ever have to refinish or stain these floors, which only require an occasional mop or sweep to stay pristine.

Vinyl Tile Flooring

Vinyl tiles are a great alternative to natural stone and tile flooring. The bulk of our vinyl tiles are made to withstand commercial conditions like heavy foot traffic and rolling traffic, so you know you are purchasing a floor made to last.


  • Vinyl tile provides more warmth underfoot compared to traditional tile, and the thick multi-layered construction also gives the tiles a cushioned feel.
  • Vinyl tiles can mimic the look and texture of natural tile flooring.

Sheet Vinyl

Sheet vinyl is manufactured using one of three methods including Inlaid which involves melting colored vinyl granules into a patterned design that maintains its color entirely through to the backing. Inlaid tile provides a thick, durable floor suitable for high-traffic areas.


  • This type of vinyl is the most wear-resistant.
  • Its high resilience makes it best suited for commercial applications.
  • A wear layer is applied on top of the image layer for durability. 

Is Vinyl Flooring Waterproof?

All vinyl floors feature moisture resistance on the surface with a water-resistant wear layer.  Only select options, however, are 100% waterproof.


  • Waterproof vinyl looks like other vinyl products but has a couple of added features to manage extreme splashes.
  • These incredible tiles and planks are equipped with a reinforced cork backing and absorbent core.
  • Spills are subsequently trapped on the floor's surface, stopping stains and damage in their tracks.

How Does Vinyl Stay Waterproof?

Waterproof flooring stops moisture right at the surface with a watertight seal. If moisture makes it past the surface, the core of the planks or tiles will allow the moisture to evaporate and stops it from reaching your subfloors. Unlike hardwood flooring or any other type, waterproof vinyl floors won’t buckle, crack, or warp due to moisture exposure.


Which Vinyl Material Is 100% Waterproof?

WPC, or wood plastic composite flooring, is 100% waterproof. Because of this, WPC is perfect for harder-to-floor spots – like your finished basement, laundry room, or bathroom. It’s resilient enough for commercial use, too. With its realistic, hardwood-inspired planks and tiles, WPC can be used to compose very realistic styles.


Vinyl Flooring Installation

One of the reasons why vinyl flooring is so popular is its incredibly eclectic nature. There are thousands of styles to choose from: including those available in waterproof form. Vinyl plank and tile can go on your walls as well as in the kitchen and bathroom. The only limits of vinyl flooring are within your imagination!


Prepare For Installation

You’ve settled on the perfect vinyl product and are excited to see it in your living room. We can fully relate to this- but we also urge you to take a deep breath and look at the bigger picture.


Are you prepared for your vinyl installation?

  • Before deciding on an installation date, make sure you have the proper foundation.
  • Remove all traces of the old flooring, then give your subfloor a very thorough scrub-down.
  • Whether your subfloor is wooden or concrete, make sure it has fully dried before moving forward.
  • Even tiny, uneven spots or cracks can be inhospitable to your new flooring, so evening out your subfloor is always time well spent.

Have questions concerning vinyl and our installation process? Chat with one of our onsite vinyl flooring experts.


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Alpine Carpet One Floor & Home is proud to be part of the world's leading independent flooring cooperative. Our sheer variety of products and localized services, and genuine value make us your leading destination for resilient flooring solutions. Our vinyl flooring collection includes exclusive brands, like Mannington Adura Max, Armstrong Luxe, Republic, Shaw, and Bigelow Plank. Get started on your flooring project today - visit our showroom at 2212 Lake Tahoe Boulevard in South Lake Tahoe, CA, or browse our online selection now.

Luxury Vinyl Flooring Care

Vinyl floor maintenance shouldn't be complicated. Keep your luxury vinyl floors looking like new with these simple care tips!
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