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hardwood flooring in living room


5 Tips to Help You Keep Your Hardwood Flooring Vibrant & Beautiful


Hardwood flooring offers a vibrant warmth and beauty that other types of flooring cannot match, making it a popular choice for living and dining areas, bedrooms, entryways and other areas in many American homes. Although it is also durable and relatively forgiving, there are a few hardwood care tips that will help homeowners keep this beautiful flooring looking its best. 



1) Keep hardwood floors dry



Moisture from wet towels, melting snow, spills or other liquids can leave stains and water marks on your hardwood floors, so be extra vigilant to ensure that your hardwood flooring is kept dry. If spills do occur, teach family members to thoroughly clean and dry wet areas of the wood as quickly as possible to prevent permanent damage. 



2) Use rugs in high traffic areas



A great way to protect hardwood flooring in high traffic areas is to use attractive rugs, mats or carpeted runners in these areas. If your family is large or you have a several pets, consider bolstering your hardwood maintenance plan by placing mats at entries and exits and runners on stairs and hallways, as well as in any other high traffic areas. 



3) Protect against damage from exposure to sunlight



Sunlight can bleach hardwood and cause it to look faded, so make sure that drapes or blinds are used to limit sun exposure. If this is not possible, consider using area rugs to protect any areas of hardwood that might be exposed to constant, direct sunlight for extended amounts of time.



4) Protect hardwood flooring from sharp objects



Sharp objects can scratch and dull the surface and make hardwood maintenance more difficult. To avoid this problem: 






5) Use protectors on furniture legs to avoid indentations and scratches



Place furnishings like tables, sofas and chairs on area rugs or use protective pads on their legs to avoid scratching the hardwood or leaving indentations and wear marks.



hardwood flooring in living room

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