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Natural Stone

Benefits Of Natural Stone Tile For Your Home


When it comes to a material that evokes both nature and luxury at the same time, natural stone tile flooring stands alone.


Engineered lookalikes are certainly an option -- but for true warmth and authenticity, nothing quite matches our natural stone tile. Unlike factory-made tiles, no two natural stone tiles are quite the same, allowing for a visual depth in the completed floor that just can’t be duplicated with engineered alternatives.


If you’re new to the natural stone tile flooring concept, you may be picturing a drab room anchored by a dull gray floor. But in fact, our natural stone tile is available in a range of colors, textures and patterns, offering everything from hints of peach and pink, to dramatic accents in black and gold.


Stone complements a range of interiors -- whether you choose rustic earth-toned sandstone to enhance the warmth of a post and beam kitchen, or striking white marble to evoke grandeur in your foyer. Best of all, our natural stone tile flooring is durable. Nothing beats stone for standing up to heavy furniture and constant foot traffic, not to mention moisture and spilled food. Quite simply, stone flooring reigns supreme in resisting scratches, stains and water damage.


Keep in mind, however, that different stone tiles will have varying degrees of “toughness,” depending on their level of hardness. Hardness variation results from the differing minerals found in individual stone types. Granite and sandstone are among the most durable of stone floors, while slate and soapstone are somewhat less rugged.

You’ll also find a broad assortment of surfaces to choose among in our natural stone tile collection, from slightly roughened to glossy. Homeowners often prefer to use more textured stone tiles in kitchen or bathroom applications, for better traction in those slippery situations than smoother stone tile provides.


You may find glossier-looking stone tiles are better suited to foyers and formal areas. While these highly-polished options offer a bit more upkeep, their unparalleled ability to reflect light makes them unparalleled options in rooms where this type of stone tile can really "shine." Ask a member of our dedicated team about the best options for natural stone tile for your home. Given the available variety, there's a stone tile for every budget and every room.






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